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Nestled between historic Fogartyville and Wares Creek you will find a neighborhood with a unique character all of its own. Once referred to as the old area of Bradenton, the prestigious River District with it’s quiet streets lined with majestic oaks, is a pocket of charm and character along the banks of the Manatee River between 20th and 26th Streets West. It is truly a “front porch neighborhood”. 


Looking across Wares Creek, River District residents share views of Point Pleasant and downtown Bradenton, so close, it feels as if you can reach out across the water and touch the river bank on the other side. Views of the city from the River District feature a mixture of old and new.


One building in particular stands out from all of the others, the Bradenton Financial Center. Seeing the Bradenton Financial Center in the city’s skyline is an inspiration to me every day. I am proud to say the building was built by the Boyd Corporation.


Thank you for visiting our beautiful neighborhood.


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