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River District

In 2001, Brenda Boyd May named the area of old Bradenton between 26th street and 20th street The River District. The streets are lined with historical old black lamp posts. These lights guide every resident down their street to the river. Every street off Manatee Avenue has a straight shot to the river. The streets are always filled with walkers, dogs, strollers, bike riders and the occasional golf cart. The River District is a throwback to the old neighborhoods with front porches.


The Boyd company has been housed in the commercial Manatee Avenue area of the River District since the mid 1970’s. Brenda Boyd May focuses on character and charm and has great influence in the River District market . Brenda Boyd May realizes if you name something it becomes more valuable and more desirable. By naming the River District values and desirability have soared.


All of a sudden, the old tired area of Bradenton is alive. Today the River District is home to a plethora of families, working couples and retireees. The common denominator is a love for the character and charm of yesteryear. The millennium was a catalyst for people yearning to go back to the good old days.


The River District has become THE place to live. Where do empty nesters move to when they want to down size and sell the big home? The River District. Where do the up and comers want to live? The river district.


Boyd realty receives calls everyday from first time home buyers who are looking for anything in our neighborhood to buy fixup or rent...







My husband Milt May and I built our adorable Town Cottage six years ago in The River District. I love where I work, and I live where I work. To date, Boyd Realty has by far the largest percentage of sales and listing activity in the area. Boyd Realty has propelled the activity and is the most influential realtor in the area .


Boyd Realty sells homes on the market, not on the market, and homes that will never come to the market. The Boyd office is located in The River District. My level of commitment and focus on the neighborhood that I work and live in cannot be matched. Boyd is not the biggest fish in the river, but we swim with the sharks everyday. I live and work in a special pocket of the community that I lovingly named The River District. Many refer to it as a "Hot Hood". Hip talk for being a sought after place to live.  I want to preserve The River District's whimsy, character and charm.


We are not a company that desires to be all things to all people. We are committed to the character and charm of the neighborhood. I am always amused by the realtors in town who describe their listings, that are not even close to our neighborhood, as ”The River District”.  The River District is a destination and the Boyd Realty fish logo is akin to the good housekeeping seal of approval.


Boyd's sphere of influence ranges from Anna Maria Island to The River District. Another Boyd office is located on historical Pine Avenue on Anna Maria Island. My husband Milt May and I  live in our old pine cottage on Anna Maria Island during the summer months.


The Boyd Company has also been very influential on the island since the 1950's . My father built and developed many of the properties on the island. I am also a major producer on Anna Maria Island . I'm an influencer who stays true to her whimsical nature and I sell what I love.







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River District Office

2200 Manatee Ave W

Bradenton, FL 34205


Historical Anna Maria Island



409 Pine Ave

Anna Maria Island, FL 34216